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The drilling tapping center integrates the features of high speed and maximum stability. The series of machines enhances the structural design to assure the best dynamic and static stability. They are equipped with a 12,000rpm high speed spindle, combined with 48 m/min. rapid traverse rate on three axes making an optimistic integration for high speed, high accuracy and high efficiency.



  • The stable low gravity machine base offers a solid foundation for the entire machine. The V-shaped inner ribs provide long lasting dynamic and static accuracy.
  • Extra wide span between linear ways exhibits exceptional stability to absorb cutting vibration; free from overhang problems.
  • All structural parts are manufactured from high tensile FC-300 cast iron, stress relieved and deformation free.
  • The box type construction features anti-deformation and anti-bending.
  • The A-shaped machine column firmly supports the ATC unit and head stock. The design is capable of dealing with cutting force from axial and radius directions.



  • BT-30 spindle taper
  • The acceleration / deceleration time for the direct-drive spindle is quickly accomplished in only 1~1.5 seconds. The greatly upgrades machining efficiency.
  • 15,000 / 24,000rpm is optional


  • The tool magazine can be fitted with BT-30 tool sank.
  • The magazine body is manufactured from aluminum alloy for reducing the inertia load. It also features fast tool change and stable motion.
  • Random, bi-directional tool section.
  • Mechanical tool unclamping mechanism features extremely smooth motion. Accurate cam contour design for simultaneous tool knocking.


  • Wide interior space features good ventilation, efficient chip evacuation. Two coolant flush motors are standard, with the coolant flushing ring inside the chip enclosure that is capable of removing heat source from the machine.
  • Two independent-controlled pumps respectively for spindle cutting and for chip enclosure’s coolant flush.

Anchored Ball Screws

  • Both ends of ball screws are anchored on the machine by angular contact ball bearings, that feature higher rigidity and stability than those made by competitors.
  • Pretensioned ball screws remove backlash, and increase positioning accuracy.

Servo Drive

  • Increases overall performance to achieve outstanding result of high speed high precision cutting.




  • The pneumatic parts are centralized in a compartment to prevent them from bumping, while helping to keep the machine looking neat.



  • Special cooling device for Z-axis bearing housing. (Opt.)
  • Spared spindle oil cooler. (Opt.)
  • Cooling device for spindle motor flange.

  • The ratio between the spindle stock's height and width is nearly 1:1, allowing it to present superior capabilities in radial and axial cutting resistance.

   Attentive in-process management, combined with rigorous quality inspection, equates to maximum operational dependability.




*We reserve the right to modify the design and specifications without notice in advance.

Standard Equipment

  • Rigid tapping
  • Spindle air blast device
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Cooling system and coolant tank
  • Work lamp
  • Foundation bolts and blocks
  • Tool box with tools
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Coolant flushing device
  • Flushing gun

Optional Equipment

  • 15,000 / 24,000rpm direct drive
    spindle Mitsubishi
  • Y axis rear side chip conveyor
  • Y axis rear side screw chip conveyor
  • Spindle cooling system
  • 4th axis rotary table
  • Transformer
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Tool length measurement

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